Lotus Capital Hub Europe Pitch Fest: A Chance for Startups to Practice, Polish, and Secure Funding

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Are you a startup from one of the following countries: UK, Austria, France, Malta, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Denmark, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, or Sweden? Are you looking for feedback, exposure, and funding? Then you don’t want to miss Lotus Capital Hub Europe Pitch Fest, a unique opportunity for startups to practice and polish their pitches and present them to a group of peers, mentors, experts, and potential investors.

Join Lotus Capital Hub Europe Pitch Fest for a Chance to Share Your Startup Pitch and Receive Feedback and Support

Lotus Capital Hub Europe Pitch Fest will take place online, and you will get to prerecord your pitch and share it with the audience. You will receive constructive criticism, suggestions, and opportunities from the audience. You will also get to join a community of like-minded and ambitious startups and investors and access exclusive resources and support.

The event is free and open to all startups that meet the criteria. To apply, you just need to fill out a simple application form and submit your pitch video by May 15, 2023. The selected startups will be notified by May 20, 2023, and invited to join the event on May 20, 2023, on the Lotus Capital Hub YouTube channel.

Application and Pitch Video Guidelines for Lotus Capital Hub Europe Pitch Fest

The application form will ask you to provide basic information about your startup, such as your name, description, problem and solution, target market and customer segments, business model and revenue streams, competitive advantage and unique value proposition, team members and roles, funding stage and amount raised, website, and social media links.

The pitch video should be no longer than 3 minutes and should introduce yourself and your startup, explain the problem you are solving and the solution you are offering, describe your target market and customer segments, your business model and revenue streams, your competitive advantage and unique value proposition, your traction and milestones, and your ask and next steps.

Lotus Capital Hub: Helping Startups Secure Investment from VC and Angel Investors

Lotus Capital Hub is dedicated to helping startups secure investment from VC and angel investors. The company carefully selects promising startups from the pitchfest and introduces them to their extensive network of contacts, giving them the opportunity to be considered for investment. Lotus Capital’s connections may invest up to $500k in investment per company, with a 20% equity stake taken in return.

The startups will be selected based on the quality and clarity of the pitch video, the relevance and originality of the problem and solution, the market size and potential, the business model and scalability, the competitive advantage and differentiation, the traction and validation, the team and expertise, and the ask and next steps. Lotus Capital Hub will also consider the diversity and balance of the startups in terms of sector and industry, stage and funding, location and geography, gender and ethnicity. Up to 10 startups will be selected to join the event and pitch to the audience.

Hear from the Experts: Lotus Capital Hub Founder and CEO to Host and Mentor May 20 Online Pitch Fest

The event will take place on May 20, 2023, and will consist of welcome and introduction by the host, prerecorded pitch videos by the selected startups, prerecorded feedback sessions by the host and the mentor, and closing remarks and announcements by the host. The host and mentor will be Stefan Carter, the Founder and CEO of Lotus Capital Hub, a bridge and ecosystem that connects startups and investors in Southeast Asia with growth, scale, and success. The host and mentor will introduce the event, the startups, and will provide feedback and tips on the pitch videos. The host and mentor will also share their insights and advice on starting, growing, and scaling startups.

Join the Lotus Capital Hub Europe Pitch Fest and Take Your Startup to the Next Level!

If you’re a startup looking for investment and support, don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your business to a wider audience and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Apply now through our F6S page at https://www.f6s.com/lotus-capital-hub-europe-pitchfest/ by submitting your pitch video and application form by May 15, 2023. We’re looking for innovative and promising startups in various sectors and industries, so whether you’re in tech, healthcare, education, or any other field, we encourage you to apply. Join us on May 20, 2023, and take your startup to the next level with Lotus Capital Hub.

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