Lotus Capital Hub Virtual Pitch Fest Q1 2023 Results

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Greetings to all the Lotus Capital Hub community! We are excited to announce the results of the Lotus Capital Hub Virtual Pitch Fest Q1 2023! This year, we received 73 impressive startup pitches from various industries. Our team reviewed each pitch carefully and selected three companies to move on to the final round of the pitch fest.

The pitch fest was prerecorded and is now available for viewing on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/A1ihYHhyFv8.

Unfortunately, after our vetting process, two of the companies did not meet our criteria. However, we were impressed by the remaining company’s pitch and wanted to share it with the world. UZURI K & Y, a startup focused on sustainable fashion and building Africa’s reputation for eco friendly products, showcased their innovative and impactful ideas. Although we are currently unable to support them due to our lack of resources, we encourage anyone who is interested to learn more about their startup and potentially join their investment round to visit their website and contact them directly https://www.uzuriky.com/.

In addition to sharing the results of the pitch fest, we wanted to offer valuable insights and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. During our selection process, we noticed some common mistakes that entrepreneurs make during their pitches. We’ve put together a blog post on our website that outlines these mistakes and provides advice for future pitches. Check out the video for advice on how to improve your pitches https://youtu.be/A1ihYHhyFv8.

We hope that the Lotus Capital Hub Virtual Pitch Fest Q1 2023 has provided valuable insights into the startup world. Thank you to all the startups who applied, and we look forward to continuing to support the entrepreneurial community in the future.

Best regards,
Stefan Carter and the Lotus Capital Hub team

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